Hello Folks 👋👋 , In this blog we will explore the following fields:

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RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, it spreads I/O over multiple disks. It’s purpose is to enhance data integrity and data…

Hello Folks! In this blog I will go through the various Tools provided by Linux Distributions.

I have briefly described the topics that will be covered in this blog:

In this blog we will be exploring why Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is necessary. We will also see what are different Package Management Systems on various Linux Distros like RHEL , Ubuntu and OpenSUSE.

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The term Linux refers to operating system kernel , it is the one that provides the process…

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Task Description 📄
👉 Create webUI page as such that using normal English conversation your all commands can run in background.

Example — when we write ‘run deployment using httpd image’ then it run complete deployment command in backend.

Feature necessary -
👉 It can launch pods with specific name given by user.
👉 Run deployment using image and name given by user.
👉 Expose services on given user input port number…

In this article we will see how industry uses JavaScript to solve real world problems.

JavaScript can be used to make games using a variety of platforms and tools. Both 2d and 3d libraries can be used in combination with JavaScript to create fully-fledged games

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Hello Guys!! In this article we will integrate multiple technologies like Python-CGI, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide the user a webpage from which he/she could execute Docker commands with out focusing on how to setup environment for the same.

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In this task you have to create a Web Application for Docker (one of the great Containerization Tool which provides the user Platform as a Service (PaaS)) by showing your own creativity and UI/UX designing skills to make the web portal user friendly.

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Concepts that I learnt during these workshop are :

1. Use of HTML and CSS
2. Different JavaScript frameworks available.
3. Lots of HTML elements tested and applied with JS.
4. Concept of events and different types of events.
5. Without JS it is impossible to make browser interactive.
6. Use of <script> tag and <alert> tag.
7. Do multiline comment.
8. Ways to run JS , first is using events and second using <script> tag.
9. Managing large codes.
10. Automatic content change using JS.
11. Practical of Live type writer.
12. Knowing BOM model and its component.
13. Learn to connect JS and CSS and created lots of cool animations.
14. Using CGI concept and integrate it with JS.
15. Use of Ajax comes when a live session is going and at the same time we want to do multiple things without reloading.
16. Use of various JS functions like XMLHTTPRequest() and onload ().
17. Difference b/w Synchronous and Asynchronous Ajax calls.

Thank you Vimal Sir for your guidance.

In this article we will discuss how machine learning is being used in Cybersecurity.

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What is Cybersecurity?

According to CISA

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

What is Cybercrime?

By default Docker did not provide Graphical User Interface, how to enable it we will find out in this article.


The Containerization Technology existed before 2013, but it was hard to learn and hard to implement. So, what was the major changes that took place in 2013? At the PyCon…

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